Worth Waiting For

Three years ago I planted asparagus seeds.

Two years ago I transplanted my tender young plants to a nice big bed, with lots of compost.

Last year I nibbled one or two of the young shoots and hoped that wouldn’t stunt their growth too much.

But this year… This is when it starts to pay off.

Most of my asparagus plants are Purple Passion. I expected that fresh asparagus would be tastier than store-bought, simply because I could pick it just minutes before consumption. But I have been absolutely blown away by how amazing this asparagus is. For our first taste, I threw a few spears into the remains of a store-bought bunch (admittedly nearly a week old). The difference was astounding — our homegrown spears were so sweet, it was like they were a different vegetable. Since then I’ve been eating them raw, like carrots, and chopped up on salads.

There have been times in the past few years that I’ve wondered whether all this waiting was really worth it. And oh, yes it was.


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