Applesauce Have Apple In It

Ryan recently internalized a new and great — even world-altering — truth. Stuff is made of other stuff. As far as I can tell, this realization occurred sometime around when he first told me, over a bowl of applesauce, that “applesauce have apple in it.”

Perhaps it was my pleasure with his deduction (since I don’t for a moment believe that he actually remembers how I made the applesauce), but for whatever reason he’s been very pleased himself with that statement. He’s extended his realization every chance he’s gotten. Unfortunately, like so many people, he’s gotten caught up in the semantics and has generalized from there. Thus:

  • Apple have apple in it. (The trivially true base case, but I assume he’s just being thorough.)
  • Marshmallow have marsh in it. (Ok, if he was familiar with the actual marshmallow plant, I could stretch to meet this one. As it is…)
  • Canned peaches have can in it. (Sorry babe, you lost me.)

Perhaps he senses that we are less impressed (although more amused) by his later attempts. He frequently drops back to his original statement — approximately every time he tastes, sees or (we guess) thinks about applesauce. It’s as though he grasps that there’s a grain of an idea, here… if he could just put his finger on it…


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