Good Things

A few of many, in no particular order.

  • We’ve made it to chapter books! Nathan and I have been reading the Magic Tree House series together. They are short enough that we can read them at a gulp in one (rather long) sitting, but they are still real chapter books. I’m not sure which one of us enjoys them more.
  • The bedtime battles have diminished considerably. Not so much our battles to get them to bed, but the battles between Nathan and Ryan after they’ve been tucked in. It used to be that, even with a bolster positioned strategically between them, fighting ensued as soon as they were settled next to each other. And then, miraculously, it nearly ceased. A few nights into this cease-fire, Ryan crawled out of the blankets where I’d just tucked him in and snuggled down over on Nathan’s side instead. He told me he wanted to snuggle. “That’s fine,” I said, trying to keep the wariness out of my voice, “as long as Nathan’s ok with it.” “I’m ok with it,” said Nathan, and wrapped his arm around Ryan. They lay there snuggled together and looked up at me like a couple of… well, sweet angelic children. I did a quick pinch-test to make sure that I was not in fact dreaming, and then accepted that gift with grace and got the heck out.
  • Ryan has acquired a new habit lately. “I yike you!” he’ll say, throwing his little arms around my neck (I admit that this is most touching when he doesn’t do so from behind). He hands out a sweet hug and a kiss. Sometimes he mixes it up a little by saying “I yuv you!” instead. Man, that makes me smile just thinking about it.

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