Another Experiment

New this year: cranberry beans. Actually I planted a variety of shelling beans this year, in various nooks and crannies of the garden. The Tiger’s Eye beans have already dried and been harvested — ten beans turned into about a cup and a half. I also have some black beans coming. It’s clear to me that growing my own supply of dried beans, besides being rather silly (they’re about the cheapest things ever to buy) would also take a lot of space. Still, it’s been a fun experiment, and I might keep growing some specialty types if I have a good corner handy.

I intended to let the cranberry beans dry too, but at the last minute ended up cooking them fresh instead. They’re so beautiful, creamy and plump and streaked with pink, when they come out of the shell. Unfortunately they lose their striking looks as they cook. But with some garlic and sage, they turned into a rather delicious side dish.


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