Another Birthday

Ryan is now two years old. Two!

He is still mostly oblivious to the concept of a birthday, and we are taking advantage of that for as long as we can to avoid any crazy kind of party. Instead we went for a walk, which he loves, and played at a nearby playground. We had fried rice (a favorite) for lunch. I’d planned to blow up some balloons for him while he napped, but since he chose not to (it’s becoming hit or miss lately), we all did it together instead.

Nathan, at the ripe old age of nearly four, has been to a couple birthday parties now and is beginning to realize what sorts of things people typically do to celebrate. Fortunately he so far seems to have latched onto the food rather than the presents. When I asked him what Ryan would like for his birthday, Nathan immediately suggested that Ryan would love some cupcakes. This may well be true; and the fact that Nathan himself is currently highly enamored of cupcakes is undoubtedly just a coincidence. He is also just as excited as Ryan by the prospect of candles.

In any case, I was happy to oblige with chocolate mini cupcakes and strawberry marshmallow frosting. Overall these were well-received.

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