So Much For That Manicure

We are in blackberry season, so our evenings have suddenly become a flurry of activity as we attempt to get out every day in order to pick. We’ve picked about 42 pounds so far, and need at least another 90 or so to be happy for the year.

But last weekend an event of even more significance occurred — yes, even more than blackberries! My lovely awesome friend Kristy got married to her also-awesome sweetheart, Tristan. I got to stand up with her as a bridesmaid. It’s the first time I’ve had such an honor, and it was very fun because Kristy herself is very fun and creative, and did some really neat things for her wedding. For example, before the ceremony we went out into Portland and did a photo shoot with all of her attendants. (But not Tristan. He wasn’t allowed to see the dress yet.) Portland is a very cool, very weird city to do this in, and there was lots of audience participation from passers-by. In a good way.

Also in honor of the occasion, I got my very first manicure. On Friday morning someone trimmed, sanded, painted and polished my nails and made them look shinier than they ever had before. By dint of much effort I managed to not garden, cook, or do anything else to chip them for a day and a half.

Then on Sunday we went out blackberry picking again. Also I mulched a couple of my garden beds and planted some winter vegetables. Still, it was fun while it lasted.


2 Responses to “So Much For That Manicure”

  1. kdaisy Says:

    OMG I AM FAMOUS ON YOUR BLOG!!! πŸ™‚ Yay! I actually think the manicure looks lovely still in these pics…it’s just surrounded by berry juice, ha! Non-shellac manis really only last 3 days on any normal person, and even my shellac mani is pretty much done for now.

    I posted wedding pics on Facebook but you’re not on Facebook. 😦 How should I get some of these lovelies to you??

  2. ilex Says:

    I don’t know… but I very much want to see them!

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