Jump Creek

On our last day in Boise, thanks to the efforts of James and Kim, we took a hike up Jump Creek Canyon. Originally we’d intended to leave the kids with their grandparents, but we ended up taking Nathan. He has loved the woods when he’s had a chance to get into them. Last time we walked in the woods with him, he not only managed the entire trail with little help (into and then back out of a steep ravine), but he also led the way! So we thought he might enjoy the novelty of a desert canyon hike.

Sure enough, Nathan managed the trail with no problems, and only needed an occasional helping hand on the steepest and rockiest bits. When we got to the end of the trail, he looked briefly at the rather impressive waterfall falling in a large pool, clambered through a convenient small cave/tunnel, and he was off again, Dave in tow. He headed up one of the steep slopes climbing away from the pool. You’ll notice that Dave and Nathan are very small in the pictures, since I didn’t have the right lens for zooming in. In the second picture they’re very small; I took that one to give a sense of the slope that Nathan climbed. By himself. That little three-year-old mountain goat climbed up a slope that would have freaked me out with hardly a qualm. Dave helped him quite a bit on the way down, since that is of course harder, but I still found it an impressive feat.

Do I sound proud? Not at all terrified for his safety? Only because Dave was with him could I be so calm. Fortunately Nathan seems aware of him own limitations, and only attempted perilous climbs with his father or me right behind him. (Usually Dave. Heights and climbing are still things I have to work hard on.)

My only regret from the day is that I didn’t let Nathan do the initial hike at his own pace, exploring the multiple detours along the trail in his leisurely way. Pushing him along on an excursion like this is something that I always regret. Maybe one of these days I’ll get a clue and stop doing it.

After a long day in the desert, topped off with swimming in the hotel pool that evening, it was no wonder that Nathan collapsed into bed that night. Dave managed to capture a wonderful shot of our little sleeping boy. Not to sound too much like a doting mother, but I ask you: isn’t he a gorgeous little boy?

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