Nathan was about three and a half this year for Easter, and for the first time we tried to do the whole shebang. Last year we dyed some eggs, but this year we dyed eggs, did Easter baskets, and even made an attempt at an egg hunt. These activities were not all seized upon with the same enthusiasm by the young ones. Nathan was mildly interested in the egg dying. (Ryan showed no interest at all, for which I was glad, because I had no intent of letting him near either eggs or dyes.) He went along with Dave and me, putting eggs into various colors of dye, and then putting them into the carton afterward. But the part he really enjoyed was after all the eggs were dyed, and we let him start mixing the colors. He started out with a spoon but graduated quickly to mass pourings, and it wasn’t long before we had four bowls of… well, gray.

He was also very hesitant about the egg hunt. To be fair, the weather had turned from gorgeous the day before to cold and rainy, and I’d been silly enough to hide the eggs outside on the deck (albeit under cover). So it probably wasn’t too surprising that only half the eggs were found when Nathan decided that he wanted to go inside. There’s something of a history of competitive egg hunts in our neighborhood (not that I personally was ever involved, of course). My kids are so far not carrying on that tradition. With some prompting, Ryan managed to finish up the hunt and we all headed back inside.

From the kids’ perspective, I think the highlight of the Easter festivities was either the candy in the Easter baskets or their cousins coming for dinner. I’d done actual baskets for the first time, complete with quilted basket liners, simple homemade stuffed rabbits, some butterfly cookies, and a few plastic eggs with some candy inside. Nathan’s face when he discovered the content of the plastic eggs was rapturous. Long before he’d finished his own candy, I saw him eying Ryan’s basket thoughtfully. We don’t have candy in the house all that often, and to be allowed to eat it for breakfast was unheard of. What an awesome holiday! I’m glad we did it up at Dad’s house, or he’d be asking me for candy every morning now.

Speaking of sweets, at dinner there was a rabbit cake, a gorgeous work of art provided by Amy, and it attracted Nathan’s interest long before it was time for dessert. Fortunately his cousins were around before dinner to provide him some distraction, or I think he would have just hovered in the kitchen. Honestly, I don’t know why we don’t live closer to family. Both kids absolutely adored tagging after their older cousins, and it was like magic — Dave and I could spend all of ten consecutive minutes without being called upon for parenting. That’s some kind of record, I think.

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