For some reason things have felt busy lately. Maybe it was the Week Of No Sleep we had recently, where Nathan insisted on being awake and kicking until 11pm and Ryan wanted to wake up — and stay up — at 4am. Maybe it’s that Spring Gardening is in full swing here (yay! more on that soon), which is necessarily connected with Spring Cleaning Up All The Things I Ignored Over The Winter. It could be the occasional balmy day, in which all chores have gotten pushed off in favor of being outside. Or maybe it’s all the time I’m spending in the sewing room on my fish quilt for the MS Walk. I’m quite excited about how it’s coming along.

For whatever reason, I have a backlog of pictures waiting around to be dealt with. Here are some shots unabashedly reveling in the turning of the season that I’ve accrued over the past couple of weeks.

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