A Museum Fit For A Child

Each year Andaluz Waterbirth Center hosts a potluck at the Children’s Museum. Anyone who has ever been a customer of Andaluz is invited to come — no charge, just a dish for the potluck tables. We haven’t gone the last couple of years, but this year it seemed to me that both Nathan and Ryan were old enough to really enjoy the Children’s Museum. So we showed up with Strawberry Marshmallows (which taste to me an awful lot like the homemade strawberry ice cream recipe of my childhood), rapidly ate a little food, and set our kids loose in the museum.

This museum, by the way, is really just a huge play area. There are all kinds of areas: a pet hospital, a huge pretend grocery store, a place just for babies, water play, spaces to do art… We looked around at many of these. But for our kids, there was only one real winner: the digging pit. Picture a big space filled up with small “rocks” (shredded chunks of tire) and equipped with toy construction machines, shovels, and buckets. Once we found this space, neither of our little guys wanted to leave. I’m pretty sure they would have stayed there until they collapsed into little exhausted heaps if we’d let them. As it was, they both had to be carried out; the trauma of leaving all that digging, machine-driving goodness was just too much for them.

Since that night, Nathan has asked several times if we can go back to the “kids’ section.” I think I have to get our playgroup to go there for an outing sometime.

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