First Haircut – Again

I knew this would have to come. I vividly remember how strange it was when Nathan got his first haircut. It was like having an impostor in the house for a couple of days. So despite the fact that Ryan’s hair was starting to tangle, and it tickled my nose at night when he snuggled with me, and it made a way-too-convenient handhold for his brother… I dragged my feet at lopping off those little baby locks.

Dave, however, had no such compunctions. And since he’s the one who actually does the trimming, Ryan has been successfully shorn.

And oddly, it doesn’t bother me. The looks suits him; he’s still little enough that, with his very short, fine blond hair, he just looks like an almost-bald baby. I miss his little double-swirlie rooster tail in back, but overall I’m quite happy to rub my cheek against his sweet fuzzy head.

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