Seeds, The Temptation

We had a very cold spell here in Portland, with temperatures hovering around freezing for at least a week. I know that isn’t impressive compared to most of the country, but it’s pretty chilly for us. Now, though, the weather has reversed itself admirably; we’re only in the middle of January, and already it feels like spring. And not only the humans are fooled: the rhubarb and raspberries are poking up fresh new shoots. “Time to grow?” they are saying hopefully.

It’s all I can do not to go out and plant the first bits of my garden. I’ve spent the last three weeks poring over seed catalogs, trying hard to select seeds while still hanging on to my common sense. I mean, really — I know that I don’t need six kinds of peppers, but they’re all so tempting. About halfway through making my selections I had to talk to Dave about adding some more vegetable beds to our garden. Apparently over 300 square feet of space isn’t enough.

You’d think that after the rather disappointing summer last year I would be more cautious, ready to scale back my more ambitious projects and focus first and foremost on laying in the basics. But it seems this is not the case. The gardening fever has me well in its grip, as evidenced by insanities like these:

  • despite never having successfully grown brussel sprouts, I now own seeds for four different varieties
  • I have more than twice as many bean varieties as I have family members
  • apparently believing that the kids will be “all grown up” come harvest time, I’ve ordered shelling peas, five new kinds of tomatoes, and (I kid you not) quinoa

Oh, and the peppers that I was trying to talk myself out of? I was somewhat surprised and embarrassed when my Territorial Seed order arrived to discover that there were nine different pepper seed packets in it. Did I really order those? I think from now on I’m going to have Dave review my orders with a red pen.


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