Reading Together

Nathan can now read some of his favorite books. In particular, he can read Blue Hat, Green Hat all the way through, and can do most of Doggies, although he likes a little help with some of the later dog sounds. (We got them both from Bob and Amy, who have never failed to give us really awesome kid stuff.)

These books also happen to be some of Ryan’s favorites. Nathan will occasionally read one of them to Ryan, which is approximately the cutest thing ever conceived, not to mention being very convenient for the parents.

The types of books he likes continues to expand. Several times he has become interested in Winnie-the-Pooh, and has let me read him some of the stories before he takes a break from that for a while. He also likes The Tale of Peter Rabbit right now. The more complex and interesting our books get, the more excited I get to read him all of the fantastic stories that I loved as a kid. It won’t be that many years before he’s ready for chapter books, like the Narnia stories… and I intend to try him on a Roald Dahl well before that. I love this!


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