Snow is a big deal here. We get it so rarely — generally only once a winter for a few days, sometimes not at all — that even a little snow is cause for putting sprinkles on our blackberry smoothie at breakfast. Last week, with the advent of a little cold weather, we got all bundled up and went out to experience the trace amount of white on the ground. After all, this may or may not have been it for the year.

Nathan has seen snow before, but it was a year ago, which is like a third of his life at this point. Still, he is at least familiar with the concept. Ryan, on coming out in the morning and seeing the strange color of the ground, could hardly tear his eyes away. “Eh?!” he said over and over, pointing outside, which I interpreted to mean “What the heck happened to the ground?!” All during breakfast he would pause between bites, point again, and ask “Eh?!”

Both kids, once outside, dipped careful fingers into the thin layer of white. Ryan (thank goodness he now consents to wear shoes) stomped over the frozen ground, listening to it crunch. We explored snow on the grass, snow on the dirt, snow on the car… and then we found ourselves at one of our best puddles.

This puddle gets a lot of kid-splashing action when we go out in the rain, which is of course frequently lately. It was now mostly ice. They both poked at it and stomped on the edges. Then Ryan, who is of course younger and less cautious than his world-wise brother, ran right out in the middle of the puddle to stomp the heck out of it.

His exploration yielded an important scientific fact: ice is slippery. I’m pretty sure that there’s some element of Bad Mothering in the fact that I paused to take a picture of the resulting unhappiness before scooping him up, but it was just so classic. After that Ryan pretty quickly decided that snow, while novel and therefore interesting, was also very cold and somewhat dangerous. We headed back inside soon thereafter.

I’m hoping that we get another snowfall this winter. But if we don’t, there’s always next year for Ryan to try again.


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