Long, long ago in my childhood, my mom would occasionally be inspired to make ebelskivers. Honestly, I can only remember a few instances; we rarely did more than cereal for breakfast, and anything that required fiddly work was doubly unlikely to occur. But I have a vivid memory of eating ebelskivers with homemade applesauce, and it’s a very warm and lovely memory indeed for me.

Recently I got her old ebelskiver pan from my dad and did a few ebelskiver experiments of my own. They are indeed a little fiddly, but they’re also very, very tasty. We do ours for snack rather than breakfast, since a) I don’t really like a heavy breakfast anymore, and b) when I wake up in the morning I want food now, not after twenty minutes of futzing with little round pancakes.

For our snack today I tried a new variation: Cinnamon-Bun Ebelskivers. Oh. My. Word. For pure, unadulterated decadence, these take the proverbial cake, smash it against the wall, and scrape the remains off with a spatula. I only made a half batch, which is good, because otherwise I would be stuffed even more full than I am now. I also made my usual substitutions (white whole wheat flour and oat milk) and shortcuts (no frosting, and seriously, you want me to separate eggs for a pancake? fat chance). They were heaven. Or, as Dave put it, deadly.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Oh my, i will need to try that recipe! I bought an ebelskiver pan about a year ago and they are one of our favorite breakfasts! (Breakfast being one of my favorite meals of the day, i don’t mind a little fiddling). We have tried applesauce, jam and chocolate fillings and they all get eaten very quickly! Thanks for the inspiration, and hugs and kisses to Nathan and Ryan.

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