A Warm And Cozy Place

Nathan’s bedroom is the coldest corner of the house. During the summer this is not an issue, but when colder weather comes it can be a little challenging for his little body to keep his bed warm all night. It hasn’t been at all unusual for me to hear “Mommy! Come!” in the wee hours of the morning, when he wakes up half out of his blankets and chilled. (We’d gathered a mountain of blankets onto his bed in an attempt to keep him warmer, but they were also bulky and somewhat annoying.) So I fumble my way down the hall to crawl into bed with him, which gets him toasty again. Then an hour or so later, when Ryan wakes up crying, I stagger back up the hall to the other bed. Sometimes this happens more than once in a night. It is not, all things considered, highly conducive to my well-being.

A while ago I found what I considered an absolute windfall at Goodwill — a thick, luxurious down comforter, the perfect size for Nathan’s bed. We’d considered getting him a comforter before, and for $25 it would have been insane not to take it. So I did, and then planned an extremely quick and easy duvet to make for him, picked the fabrics out of my stash, and promptly failed to complete it. Little sewing time, other projects… all the usual reasons. I spent months making very, very slow progress.

It’s a funny thing about slow progress. Eventually it gets you somewhere.

So it was that while Linda was here, I took advantage of some of the (amazing, wonderful, generous) alone time she afforded me by finishing up the last little bits. And after the rather extended process of stuffing the comforter into its new home — which would have been a lot quicker without the two small children trying to play on it — there it was: frogs, bright colors, and a thick flannel backing to keep my little guy snuggled and warm.

I’d like to be able to report that it’s completely eliminated the middle-of-the-night calls from Nathan’s room, but in all honesty I can’t do that. It’s only been a few days, though, and I’m hopeful. In the meantime, speaking as the person who snuggles Nathan to sleep at night, I can attest to the fact that his new comforter is wonderfully warm and cozy.

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