Ok, I am a little behind on posting about this. But the truth is that we didn’t do all that much for Halloween. Nathan is still not quite ready for trick-or-treating, and I haven’t been interested in putting costumes together for the kids just for the heck of it. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I have other things to do, like make more applesauce. (Yes, more. Yes, I know that we’ve already used all of our canning jars. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll break down and buy new jars, or just use the freezer. But hey, the apples were free!)

So we didn’t do costumes per se, although Nathan became a little interested in wearing his black cape (thanks, Marybeth!) once trick-or-treaters started appearing at our door. He doesn’t like the cape to drape down his back, though, because the string pulls at his neck, so he wears it in front like an apron.

We did, however, carve pumpkins. Pumpkins seem to be Nathan’s favorite part of the holiday at the moment, with the possible exception of the Halloween candy. (We got far fewer trick-or-treaters this year than last, which left us with a serious overflow of mini candy bars. We refer to them as “shinies” to avoid invoking the word “candy” too often. So far this is working.)

Last year, when I carved pumpkins with Nathan, he was deeply enamored of the process, especially the part where I drew on the pumpkin with a marker before carving. Last year he doodled all over the pumpkin in a fabulous modern-art montage that made me wish I’d carved out some of his shapes instead. So this year I was ready. After taking out the innards, which he refused to touch except for some very careful poking at a stray seed, I gave him one of the two pumpkins to draw on. I handed him a Sharpie, which is normally a Forbidden Object. “Go for it!” I told him, and started drawing a face on my pumpkin.

He scribbled a few tiny blots near the top and announced himself done.

All of this is an excessively long-winded way to explain that both of our jack o’ lanterns had faces this year, and that Nathan is still not quite at the stage of actually participating in Halloween. Except, to be fair, for the candy. Not only can he consume it in great quantities, but he actually helped hand it out at the door.


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    […] But the end result was totally worth it, as you can see below. Very reminiscent of an older picture of a toddler checking out pumpkins. […]

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