Nathan is now three years old. I’ve been looking forward to his birthday for a while, because at this age I think he finally has some inkling of his birthday being a special day. We managed to avoid gifts again this year — he isn’t that aware of what birthdays are “supposed” to be. Instead Dave and I spent a little time the night before blowing up balloons, so that when he came out in the morning he found the living room floor littered with small balloons. That was a big hit. The kids found several ways to entertain themselves with the balloons:

  1. Popping them. I would think that, especially for someone Ryan’s age, popping a balloon with one’s teeth would be a slightly worrisome experience. But both of our little guys think that popping balloons is the thing, and teeth are a great way to do it. This is not to say that nails, rosebushes, or sharp rocks aren’t also viable options.
  2. Static electricity. This was mostly me, to be honest, although both kids found it very entertaining when I would stick a balloon to myself, them, the wall, etc. But they also found it to be an Afront Against Nature, and would immediately knock it down again.
  3. Stretching the un-filled balloons. We didn’t have the stamina to blow up all 100 in the bag, so there were a bunch of extras hanging around which (somehow) got into general play. Nathan liked to chew on these, and Ryan to pull on them. At one point Nathan had two hanging out of his mouth, which Ryan promptly pulled on with all his might. This ended about like you would expect, although oddly Nathan didn’t complain about rubber snapping back in his face. Strange.

We had other fun as well, including a trip to the park, and then did an excellent dinner with brownies for dessert. Nathan really, really liked the ritual of the candle in his brownie, and had us light it several times so that he could blow it out. And I learned a valuable lesson about what happens to a candle when inserted into a hot brownie. We now have one fewer candles.


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