Our next-door neighbors are awesome for several reasons, not least of which is the amazing gourmet applesauce they make from their own apples. (They predict a bumper crop this year, by the way, which is fantastic because they’re very generous with their excess!) They are huge gardeners, but where we are focused almost exclusively on edibles, most of their focus other than the apples is on ornamental plants.

What this means to us is that all year we can enjoy the sight and scent of a gorgeous yard, thoughtfully planted and lush with all kinds of flowers, without having to lift a finger to maintain it. In addition, all of the plants that straddle the fence between our properties are available to us for bouquets. They told us right from the beginning that anything on our side of the fence was ours to pick or trim as we pleased, and since Dave, when the bushes encroach too much, tends to get in a hacking mood, I try to bring the flowers inside to enjoy.

Vases of cut flowers can be a little worrisome with small hands around, especially on our shaky card table. But I find that having just a sprig on my desk, and something more substantial and not too top-heavy on the table, really brightens up our house. And now Nathan is old enough to enjoy “helping” me with the picking. (Which he sometimes does at random times, of his own volition.)

Linked to Friday’s Flowers.


One Response to “Neighbors”

  1. renee @ FIMBY Says:

    Very nice. Lucky you, such great neighbors. I stare out the window at a burned out house 😦

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