For Mother’s Day the kids chipped in together and got me a present — almost an hour of overlapping afternoon nap time.

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that happened. Ryan usually naps in the afternoon, unless something exciting like a walk is going on, but Nathan? On the rare days that he naps, it seems to always end up being around dinner time. So this was a rare and delectable treat for me.

I used the time to sew. To sew, mind you, not dash into the sewing room to furtively get a seam in before anyone noticed, or to usher the kids out. (Ryan likes my yarn stash and Nathan likes anything with sharp edges.) Specifically, I managed to finally patch my favorite jeans. The hole in the knee had been bothering me, but it was the one in the seat which had finally become not just drafty but immodest.

Some might say that jeans which have been patched in both knees and the seat are perhaps about done for, but in my world such jeans are simply “well broken in.”

In any case, it was a thoroughly satisfying hour. While I had the seam open, I added a little free motion quilting up the leg to secure the patch. Why not? I wasn’t in a hurry. Which was the best part.

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One Response to “Patched”

  1. Mary Kay Says:

    Lovely post! Happy Mother’s Day. xo

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