It seemed like it was time. Nathan loves to run his hands through things — water, flour, rice, etc. He loves to poke at my bread dough; it’s been a source of some contention, actually. And I’ve read enough about sensory play lately that I could see the connection. It was time to start making playdough.

It’s so trivially easy to make, too. I used this recipe and kneaded in some food coloring, coming up with three balls of soft dough: blue, green, and a color that I can only think of as “diseased salmon.” It started with red, but it wasn’t getting very dark, and Nathan wanted to add some yellow, and… it turns out that in the world of playdough, yellow and red don’t make orange, they make diseased salmon.

I kind of liked playing with the dough. It was so warm and soft while I kneaded in the colors. Nathan was more interested in the food coloring initially, but he eventually started squeezing the dough a little too. (I resisted the insane urge to try to keep the colors separate.) Good stuff.

Two minutes after I turned away to clean up the pan, Nathan pulled out a towel, covered the balls of dough, and told me very seriously to “Leave ‘lone.” Apparently it was time for the dough to rise. So I got him a bowl and let him make bread instead. At least he didn’t ask me to bake it.


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