Inscrutable Exhortations – Finger Paints

“I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul.” – Calvin to Hobbes

On one of our recent baby-sick days I made a second attempt at fingerpaints with Nathan.

Poor guy, I was thinking. He isn’t getting any attention, because Ryan is taking up so much of my time. We’re not even going out on errands or anything, which would at least be a distraction. I should do an activity with him.

I’ve wanted to do fingerpaints for a while, especially seeing how much Nathan loves to smear yogurt around on the table. (Which I would be fine with occasionally except for the food-wasting part of it.) Fingerpaints seem like such an obvious fit for him. Plus you can make them yourself! What could be better?

So in one of the rare moments that Ryan was asleep and not in my arms, I whipped up a couple of colors, got out a big piece of butcher paper, and showed Nathan how it was done. Look, you get to smear goop around on paper? Neat, huh?

Nathan is a boy with his own opinions about things.

It turns out that finger paints on paper was not the artistic forum that currently interested him. When I left for a moment to get Ryan, he helped himself to his preferred medium, and made use of his preferred canvas.

And honestly, I have to agree that it was a lot of fun. (I added the pink.) Plus I got to enjoy a moment later that evening, when Dave helped Nathan off with his pants.


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