Backhoe Loader

Yesterday was another mild, partly sunny day. Nathan spent literally hours of it outside, using his backhoe loader to excavate a portion of the dirt next to our front walk.

We’ve got to build that boy a sandbox, I thought to myself. Intermittently over the next hour I played with thoughts of where it could go, how we would keep the cats out, etc. But then, fortunately, I caught myself. At least at the moment, there are far more exciting places for Nathan to dig (and which we’re also fine with him digging in). There’s a fantastic mountain of dirt and half-digested sod in our back yard from the lawn we cut out for our vegetable beds, for example — and that’s likely to get much bigger with this year’s work on the front yard. Why was I thinking of building something special? If the past is any indication, he’d quickly ignore it anyway.

After all, finding a little niche for yourself is half the fun.


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