I’ve been making a lot of pillowcases lately, for the ConKerr Cancer project. So I suppose it was inevitable that I should look at Nathan’s bed and see an appalling lack of interesting pillowcases.

This was not to be borne. We went to the fabric store and I gave him a choice of several fabrics, all of which involved trucks or tools. I love the fact that he can actually make such choices. After all, choosing a fabric isn’t something we ask of him very often, not like choosing a book to read, which happens every night. Until fairly recently he would have looked at me with that hesitant expression telling me that he didn’t really understand what was being asked of him, and repeat my words back to me in an attempt to comprehend.

But he was very definite. He wanted the fabric with all the big trucks and construction equipment on it.

This is an incredibly simple project, and yet I got an insane amount of pleasure out of it. What’s funny to me is that I would simply never dream of buying a set of sheets and pillowcases themed for a little boy. It just isn’t me. But buying fabric to turn into a pillowcase? That works for me.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t involve him in more of the process. I started it with him: I explained about ironing the fabric, and we did that step, and then laid it out to cut… But he was having a little bit of a tough time that day, and I ended up making the pillowcase during his nap. Easier for me, but I think a missed opportunity for him to see something go from material to finished product, and feel some ownership of it.

But boy, did I get some warm fuzzies when he pulled his pillow out into the living room last night while he played.

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One Response to “Pillowcase”

  1. Mary Kay Says:

    Love the fabric! What a fun project.

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